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Writing the Story: Part 2

No description

Nathaniel Mello

on 5 October 2017

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Transcript of Writing the Story: Part 2

Appeal to All?
Don't rely on cutscenes or skippable dialog
Start your story after the action has already started
Keep it lively and moving
Avoid classic tropes
Who Plays Your Game?
1. Players who are into the story as it happens

2. Players who want to get into your story in depth

3. Players who don't care about your story at all.
More important then story?
What do you think is the theme?
God of War
Whats at stake?
Literal Title
Action/Cool Title
Punny Title
Purple Cow Title
Dramatic Title
Referential Title
Shorter Always better
Easier for logo creation
Name your game sooner rather then later
How do you create characters players care about?
Wrap Up
Tell your story for all
Devlop a theme and stick to it
Figure out your title early in development
Create characers your players will miss when they are gone
Writing the Story: Part 2
Mystery Vs. Suspense
Death should mean something
NPC death that effected you?
Yorda Effect
Hold hands
Create memorable characters
Characters cont...
What about humor?
Does personality define who your
character is?
Traits and flaws
Characters for Licenses
Working with specific IPs can
be challanging

Brand Limitations

May be given leeway on certain titles
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