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Think Win - Win!

No description

Christina Korleski

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Think Win - Win!

Lose / Lose: Getting Even
Popcorn Quiz
How many paradigms of human interaction are there?
Six Paradigms of Human Interaction
Win / Win
Win / Win:
Mutual Benefits
Today We Will
To Define...
Applications to Real World
Habit 4: Think Win - Win!
Introduce Paradigms Human Interaction
Identify Specifics to each Paradigm
Applications to Real World
Win / Lose
Lose / Win
Lose / Lose
Win / Win or No Deal
What Does this Mean?
When do we interact with others?
Is Losing sometimes Necessary?
Which is Best?
Win / Win
Win / Lose
Lose / Win
Lose / Lose
Win / Win or No Deal
Win / Lose:
One-Sided Positivity
Lose / Win:
Giving up
A frame of mind and heart which constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interaction
Situation results when only one side perceives the outcome as positive
Seen as giving in or giving up
Securing Your Own Ends
Win / Win or No Deal:
Agree to Disagree
Applications to RT
What are they?
Explain one of the paragdims
Give one example of a paradigm
Applications to Recreational Therapy
Both parties are vindictive and wish to "get back" at an enemy or "get even"
Securing your own ends and leaving it to others to secure theirs
Both parties agree to disagree
When you have a Win / Win mind set, most the the agreements or solutions you have are mutually benefical, as well as satisfying.
People with a Win / Win mindset see life as a cooperative arena instead of a competitive arena. " It is not your way or my way; It is a better way, a higher way."
The Win / Lose model is a framework which has been scripted into our minds since birth. "If I win, you lose"
Win / Lose mind sets use position, power, credentials, possessions or personality to get their way. Less likely to be accepted voluntarily.
This mind set are quick to please and seek strength from popularity or acceptance.
Worse than Win / Lose
Due to the lack of
standards or demands,
no expectations
or visions.
When two win / lose people get together, the result will most likely be Lose / Lose. Both lose and become vindictive.
Focuses on an enemy, obsessed with the behavior of another person that they become situationally blind except for that person to lose.
The mindset is when someone just has the win mentality, but doesn't want someone else to lose.
Win is probably the most common approach in an everyday situation and human interactions. Thinks in terms of a mental win.
No deal can be mutually agreed to that satisfies the needs of both parties
No deal can be introduced with equally benifical outcomes for both parties
Think about your future co-workers...
Think about management...
Think about RT reputation...
Think about Internship location...
Transform the example given into a Win / Win conclusion
You will answer a question and call on each other, you must answer at least once.
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