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Gathering Blue Timeline

My Book Report

Natalia Fernandez

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Gathering Blue Timeline

By Natalia Fernandez
(period 4) "Gathering Blue" Timeline Event One Event Two Event Three Event Four Event Five Event Six Event Seven Event Eight Event Nine Event Ten Event Eleven Event Twelve Event Fourteen Event Thirteen Event Fifteen Event Sixteen Event Seventeen Event Eighteen Event Nineteen Event Twenty Katrina, Kira's mom, dies in the Field, leaving Kira completely alone.

Kira heads back to her cott, which has been burnt by the time she arrives. Vandara appears and declares that she now owns the land where Kira's cott was.

A group of women also appear to threaten Kira and take her land, but Vandara and Kira decide to bring their conflict to the Council of Guardians. Kira ventures to the Council Edifice, where her trial takes place. She appoints a Guardian named Jamison to defend her. Kira is spared by the Council of Guardians, and Vandara loses the trial.

Kira is given a new role in the village to repair, restore, and complete the Singer's robe. Kira and her friend Matt gather her remaining belongings, and she moves into a room in the Edifice. Kira meets Thomas the Carver, the boy in charge of repairing, restoring, and completing the Singer's staff.

Jamison suggests Kira visit Annabella the dyer to learn about dying threads. Kira, Matt, and the dog-Branch-set out through the forest to find Annabella's cottage. They meet the old woman, and Annabella teaches Kira about certain dying plants. She promises to come back every morning to learn more. When Kira asks Annabella, she learns that blue is only obtainable "over yonder."

Kira asks Jamison for a color garden, for later purposes.

Thomas tells Kira he thought he heard something in his sleep--a child crying.

Kira finally begins her meticulous work on the Singer's robe. When Thomas and Kira notice that men are preparing for a hunt, Kira spots Matt with a spear in the violent crowd. The two shove past the men and refuse to let Matt go on the hunt, taking him back to Kira's dormitory in the Edifice and giving him and Branch a bath. Kira believes to have heard a beast stalking her on the way to Annabella's cottage. When she recounts the story to Annabella, she states, "There be no beasts." Puzzled, Kira asks Thomas if he's seen any real beasts. Thomas declares that he is certain that he heard a child crying during the night. Kira, Thomas, Matt, and Branch decide to embark to the corridor below to investigate what the noise is coming from. The quartet discover a room where Jamison is speaking harshly to a girl younger than Matt--named Jo--singing harmoniously, stopping, then crying. Kira asks Jamison about beasts, he assures her that they exist, and that Kira must never go beyond the path. When Kira asks Marlena about Jo, she says that Jo's songs "came by magic, and that they were full of knowledges."

Kira learns of Annabella's death, and that Jamison already knew about her death.

Kira visits the room with Jo inside, and talks to her comfortingly through the keyhole. Workers set up Kira's new dying-place and garden.

Kira tells Thomas about Jo, and how she might be kept captive. Thomas suggests that Kira, him, and Jo are artists; Kira wonders if all artists have special "knowledges."

Kira and Thomas decide to visit Jo for the first time that night. Kira and Thomas venture to Jo's room downstairs. They comfort her and tell Jo that they are her friends; they tell Jo that if she ever needs them, climb up the shelves and tap the ceiling with a hairbrush.

For the first time, Kira realizes that she is not actually free in the Edifice. Kira and Thomas go to the Fen to see if they can find Matt. Once they arrive at his house, his little brother explains that he's gone to find blue yonder and give it to Kira as a gift. The Gathering and the annual Song begin. When the Singer walks across the stage, Kira and Thomas hear a metallic scraping sound on the floor, but it soon subsides.

Matt arrives at the Gathering, much to Kira's and Thomas's pleasure. Matt gives Kira a cloth made of blue thread. He explains about the "broken" people over yonder.

Back at the Gathering, Kira discovers where the strange sound emanates from: metal shackles and chains bound around the Singer's grotesque, scarred, scabbed, and bleeding ankles.

Kira realizes that the Guardians had found a way to steal and harness children artists' powers to describe the future they wanted--not the one that could be--and held them "captive." The second gift that Matt brings Kira is a blind man wearing a blue shirt. He is revealed to be Christopher, Kira's long-lost father, who has brought her some woad-a plant used for making blue dye.

Kira and Christopher discuss about the land yonder. He confirms that there are no beasts, and explains that he was not hurt by men, but in fact assaulted by Jamison himself. Event Twenty-One Kira decides she must stay in the village with Thomas while Matt brings Christopher back to his village over yonder, with Matt being the tie between the two.

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