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Personal Development Plan/Smart Goals/CEP

July Externship Presentation: Brent/Joscelyn

Tarricke Mills

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Personal Development Plan/Smart Goals/CEP

CEO Ben Van Beurden's Quarterly Report:
Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals
How Do I Know I Am Setting The Right Goals
How to set yourself
SMART targets

be Specific
By the end of the session you will
- understand how to set SMART targets
- be able to set yourself SMART targets
- know where to find some tools to help
use the 6 Ws
Time related
be Realistic
measurable questions……
How much?
How many?
How will I know when it is accomplished?
make it Measurable
Can your target be reached?
Is it too easy?
Is it too hard?
Is it just challenging enough?
Some of the hardest jobs you ever accomplished actually seem easy simply because they were a labor of love.
When you use SMART goals, you set yourself up for success!
Good Luck with
your Action Plan!
Making your
Action Plans work!
SMART Targets

If you set targets for yourself that are not SMART, it is harder to know if you have succeeded or not...
“I want more money.”
Have I succeeded if I
find $5.00 in the street?
What if I find $50.00?
How would I know?
An example
“I want to lose weight.”
Have I succeeded if I lose 10 lbs?
Have I succeeded if I lose 2 lbs?
What if it takes me 2 years to do it?
Am I still successful?
Another example
“Specific” means that you have to say what you want to do, very clearly.
S is for Specific
“I want to lose weight” is NOT specific.
“I want to lose 5 lbs” is specific.
Specific Targets...
Measurable targets tell you exactly what you need to do to succeed...

“I want to be able to run 800 meters faster” is not measurable. How much faster do I want to be able to go?
M is for Measurable
“I want to run 800 meters in 2.5 minutes” is measurable.

If I run 800 meters in 4 minutes, I know I haven’t succeeded yet!
A Measurable Target
“I’m going to earn $3,000.00 by next week” is probably NOT achievable – unless your job is robbing banks!

Neither is:
“I am going to run 800 meters in 2 seconds.”
A is for Achievable
An achievable target has to be something you can do.
“I am going to read for 10 minutes every day this week” is probably achievable for most people.
An Achievable Target
R is for Relevant
What I’m going to do needs to help me to get what I want.

If I want to get fit, finding out about famous soccer won’t help.
It would be more useful to do some soccer practice every day!
A Relevant Target
If I don’t know how much time I have, I don’t know when to take action.
How hard do I have to train?
When does my work have to be completed?
T is for Time Sensitive
“I want to be able to run 800 meters in 2.5 minutes by August 5th, this year” is a timed target.
Now I can arrange a training routine.
A Timed Target
Targets must be:
Relevant and
So remember...
Is it relevant to your overall plans?
Will it help you to...
finish your course?
get a job?
improve your overall sense of self?
How will you know when it's done? Don't let it drag on, set yourself a deadline!
Think about how you will feel when you have achieved it!
So, have we met the aims and objectives?
Which bottom line are you really attached to?
Do you know how it's doing and what performance improvements we are planning?
Are you clear on how you're contributing to it?
Development Planning
3 Key Questions...
What is a
Personal Development Plan?
How can you write one to
reflect your own aspirations ?
Plan of Action
Personal Development & Your Future
Set your own personal targets
Find the best way to achieve them
An action plan will help you
visualize what you are doing
and keep track of your
Where am I now
Where do I want to be
How can I get there
Why should you have one?
3 More...
am I now
do I want
to be
can I get
Matrix of Evidence for Capacity, Achievement, and Relationships
The Matrix of Evidence presents typical behaviors associated with each level of potential.
First-Line Leader Potential
Mid-Level Leader Potential
Senior Leader Potential
Performance Assessment
Performance in
to Peers
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