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The 60s...What a wild ride!

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David Budinas

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of The 60s...What a wild ride!

The Sixties...
What a Wild Ride!

Some of the People that
made it awesome
Paul Newman
Was an actor, director,
and entrepreneur. Made a pretty
awesome line of salad dressings
Destroyed people's perception of what it means to be a rockstar
Jimi Hendrix
Revolutionized how people
play the guitar
Major Events
of the 1960s
Martin Luther King Jr. gives his "I have a Dream Speech"
in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963
President Lyndon Johnson signs Civil Rights Act in 1964 outlawing racial segregation in schools, public places, and employment
President John F. Kennedy assassinated
on November 22, 1963. The official story is that Lee Harvey Oswald committed the crime. He never confessed and was killed by Jack Ruby two days later. Many people believe it was a government conspiracy behind President Kennedy's death
Martin Luther King Jr.
is assassinated on
April 4th, 1968 by James
Earl Ray
On July 20th, 1969 Neil
Armstrong becomes first person to walk on the moon
Vietnam war rages throughout the decade facing huge opposition and anti-war protests.
Feminism develops and
leads to the Woman's
Liberation Movement which
will later spark momentous change such as Title IX and the Equal Pay Act of 1963.
2 popular vehicles of the 60s
Gang life
Gangs existed in the 60s as well as today.
They are formed for people to feel a sense of belonging and to provide protection for each other.
Weapon of choice,
the switchblade.
Two main gangs in our story
the Socs and the Greasers
Socs wore
Madras shirts
Gangs are often bonded by their colors or clothing styles
Greasers wear
t-shirts untucked and jeans
Greaser hair style,
the pompadour
About the author, S.E. Hinton
Audrey Hepburn,
one of the leading ladies
of the decade
Kathrine Switzer
The Beatles, who many consider the greatest band of all time
One of the only forms of entertainment... reading
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