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Saturday Climbing Analysis - ENG3U

No description

Kathleen Nguyen

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Saturday Climbing Analysis - ENG3U

Saturday WHAT DEVELOPS WHAT? 1) What is your argument?

2) Why?

3) How? How to develop a Statement: "Barry, the father of Moria, is permissive, "someone with little parental control or guidance of the children's behavior." What is my argument? WHY is Barry Permissive? Why? Climbing WHAT STANDS OUT? The characters? The Authors tone? The moral of the story? The setting? The language used? Plot development develops characterization How is Barry permissive?

What did he to do to show he is permissive? How? Why do you think a parent might be permissive? MY LIST:
1) Parent doesn't care
2) Parent is single
3) Parent doesn't know how to parent
4) Parent is confused "Since Barry is a single father, parenting alone, he doesn't know how to parent properly even when he's trying his hardest." I noticed:
1) He is afraid to ask his daughter if she's doing drugs

2) He compromises with his daughter easily. Example (Detailed how?) Generalized how = compromises Specific how =

"He found himself fighting so hard against her staying out all night that he compromised on 3' oclock...he wondered how it happened.'' Since he is easy going and less strict, he compromises with his daughter often, and these compromises are often very lenient, with no set boundaries. Statement and example complete Checklist: 1) What is your argument?

2) Answer why?

3) Answer how?

4) Example Literary Analysis: Developing a Statement
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