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safiyyah elsharif

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Literature

the writers of Renaissance like Shakespeare for plays such as romeo and Juliet still affect us today, because of how they made the charcter feel inside the book.over time many books have been rewritten.they have become a part of the modern litature through the remakes.
there are many inventions from the twentieth century but there this big one which is the moveable-type printing press by Gutenburg. the first book printed was the bible and many others which was spreaded worldwide.
Renaissance includes the effects of realism which is still used today,realism is what brought art from the middle ages.where figures appeared rough and almost cartoon like. the look of the art influenced the art world at that point and time.
The ressiance is still affecting architecture today as modern building such like government buildings, and hotels also which came from the classic side of the ressiance is still used today to give the impression of importance in the architectue
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