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LEDs Educate

No description

Graeme Shaw

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of LEDs Educate

LED "The ultimate in eco friendly lighting"? LEDs Educate If you are going to design using LED...do it

"Very often LEDs have been fitted into a poorly designed luminaire....." Like any luminaire..... Application is KEY!! Are they as energy efficient as we think?? Good lighting design has always been about, using the correct choice of luminaire, with the correct source, in the correct place... Luminaire design Product efficiency vs Chip efficiency 2700k....really? Colour temperature is an influencing factor. In the past the more phosphor used on a blue diode, the warmer your light. However that conversely effects emission and ultimately efficiency.

With high end chip efficiencies improving, this is less of an issue NOT this.. Applications PANOS INFINITY Tunable White LED downlight, LIGHT FIELDS LED wide-area luminaire, MELLOW LIGHT V recessed luminaire, AERO II LED pendant luminaire, PANOS INFINITY + LED downlight, SLOTLIGHT LED light line, LUXMATE LITENET lighting control system with Tunable White We do, what we do...well!! ARCOS LED Tunable White spotlight, ARCOS LED projection spotlight, PANOS INFINITY Tunable White wallwasher, MICROTOOLS LED system, LINARIA batten luminaire, SUPERSYSTEM LED lighting system, eL Masterpiece, LUXMATE CIRIA control point ONDARIA LED circular luminaire, PANOS INFINITY Tunable White LED wallwasher, IMWS medical supply unit, SLOTLIGHT LED light line TECTON LED continuous-row lighting system, SCUBA LED moisture-proof luminaire, CHIARO II LED moisture-proof luminaire, VALUEA high-bay luminaire APHRODITE LED spotlight, MICROS Q LED downlight, CARDAN LED lighting system, LEDOS III recessed luminaire Product Specification Performance
Support ELEEA direct/indirect luminaire, ECOOS direct/indirect luminaire
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