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M.m. Motel (magnificent mansion motel)

The first time, you walk in, it will take your breath away. The second time, you gasp as you see it. The third, it feels like a second home to you.

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Transcript of M.m. Motel (magnificent mansion motel)

M.m. Motel No space? M.m. is THE place! The secret is in deeper depths ($_$) If you stay, it's 400RMB a day! Contact Details Website: Email: mmmotels@gmail.com Phone #: 201-020-113 Room and Rates The Motel offers a suite with a queen-sized bed and 2 sets of cupboards/drawers to store things. Even a mini tv set is included. Only 300RMB per day to stay. Facilities Available to the guests will be a very clean pool, a strongly equipped gym, tennis courts, an indoor garden, and more. Entertainment The Boat Tour down the lagoon is one of the things that makes the M.m. Motel special. Just relax and take a ride. The Fine Dining When you enter the dining area, a fine plate of our special spaghetti will be waiting for you. Close by Near the motel, the Shanghai Financial Center (left) and the Jin Mao Tower (right), stand tall. Information Sites http://www.smartshanghai.com/maps/ http://www.smartshanghai.com/activities/ http://www.time.com/time/travel/cityguide/article/0,31489,1851908,00.html http://me-is-rachel.weebly.com/prezipoll.html (Magnificent Mansion Motel)
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