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The Prophet (S.A.W.)'s Journey

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Majdina Imani Widodo

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of The Prophet (S.A.W.)'s Journey

By: Majdina Imani Widodo The Prophet (S.A.W.)'s Journey ... End... The Prophet (S.A.W.) had a very interesting past indeed. So come and join my journey and recover the past 1443 years ago with me -He was named 'Muhammad' because his mother was inspired by a dream
-Muhammad means the praised one
-He was sent to a village on a farm to live with his breastfeeding nanny Haleema Al-Sa'diyyah. It was a tradition at that time. More about his early life The Cave Hira was a place the Prophet (S.A.W.) loved to go to and think about the world.
One night, when Muhammad was in the cave, he saw a bright light shining in his face. The bright light then said, "I am the angel of Allah, Angel Jibreel."
He then said, "Read!"
"What shall I read?" was Muhammad's response. As he said this, he felt his body being shaken.
This repeated two more times until Angel Jibreel finally said, "Read in the name of your Creator,Who created man out of a clot of blood. Read! Your Lord is most gracious. It is He who taught man by the pen that which he does not know."(Qur'an 96:1-5).
Muhammad then recited these verses, repeating them after Angel Jibreel. In The Cave Hira One day, the Prophet went to Taif to preach about Islam. But the people there didn't listen and threw stones at the Prophet's feet. His feet hurt so much that he took a lot effort to walk back a long way.

The Prophet asked Allah if He was angry at the Prophet because all of the people were being rude to the Prophet. In fact, Allah revealed a surah, Ad-Dhuha that stated about how Allah will never abandon Muhammad (us).

When the Prophet was being offered to kill the people of Taif, the Prophet said no and said that they might become Muslims. The people of Taif Sadly, the Prophet (S.A.W.) isn't here with us today. But from all of these stories and hadiths, we can learn a lot about the Prophet and his sahabahs in the past.

INTERESTED? Then please join the Emaan Power program to learn more about our role models - Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his sahabahs. The tragedies of his life -His father died before he was born
-He was an orphan
At the age of 6, his mother died. His grandfather, Abdul Mutalib started taking care of him.
His grandfather loved him very much
Muhammad was 8 when his grandfather died
Then, his uncle Abu Talib took care of him,
He loved him so much that no one in the house was allowed to eat a meal until Muhammad returned.

He never learned how to read or write but he can speak Arabic very fluently Come with me... Israa and Miraj Battle of Badr One night, when the Prophet (S.A.W.) slept in the masjid, Angel Jibreel and a strange companion joined him. The companion was called 'Buraq'. The Prophet was then told to climb onto the Buraq's back. From then, the Buraq flew to Palestine, then to Jannah. This shows how important Palestine is and how religious it was.
On that night in Jannah, Allah had commanded the Prophet to tell his followers to start praying five times a day to Him. 1300 men (Quraysh) vs 300 men (Muslim)
100 horses (Quraysh) vs 2 horses (Muslim)
Unfair isn't it?

Just before the battle, Sawaad ibn Ghaziyah kissed the Prophet's belly after the Prophet hit him on his belly with a stick. Sawaad said that he did that because if he died in the battle, the last person Sawaad wanted to touch was the Prophet.

In the middle of the battle, Abu Bakr saw Angel Jibreel on a stallion. Then an ayah was sent down and it said that Allah would help the Muslims in the battle with a 1000 angels. The Betraying Jews When the Prophet migrated to Madinah, there were some Jews there. So the Prophet (S.A.W.) made an agreement with them. But the Jews decided to break the agreement one day.
When the Prophet found out, he banished the Jews from Madinah.
When they stepped out of Madinah, the Jews quickly went to the Quraysh and helped them fight in the battle against the Muslims. The Trench The Muslims dug this trench day and night around Madinah so they can protect themselves from the Quraysh.
They had to dig the trench REALLY DEEP! So deep that anyone who tried to enter Madinah from the outside would get stuck in the trench. The Battle of Khandaq(trench) The trench the Muslim dug around Madinah was a preparation for the battle against the Quraysh.
But the trench was so deep that nobody could leap over it. So the Quraysh gave up and retreated back to camp when they found out that Allah sent a rain to their camp. The Prophet (S.A.W.)'s death One day, news had spread that the Prophet (S.A.W.) was dead. Everyone was shocked with news. Omar bin Al-Khattab was so shocked that he drew out his sword and said, "Whoever says that Muhammad is dead, I will chop off their head!"
When Abu Bakr heard the news, he went to the Prophet's house and found the Prophet's body covered in sheets. He then lifted Muhammad's head, kissed it, and said,"Whoever worshipped Rasullulah will believe that he's dead. But whoever worshipped Allah, they will know that He can never die."
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