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Tech for Teach

This presentation includes web applications as well as other applications that help teachers move to the next level.

Christopher Hatten

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Tech for Teach

Teacher Tech
by: Chris Hatten
Lesson Planning
Video Content

For example: 4.2.5_declaration of independence
What: Better Lesson is a reference to find lesson plans to inspire your planning. Kind of a Wikipedia for lessons plans (so proceed with caution)
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Handy Tools
Snipping Tool
Escalator Psychology
There is nothing wrong with using stairs to get to the next level the old fashioned way.
An escalator can get you to the next level with no effort. You arrive at the same time as those stair-climbing suckers. It's like the lazy river of elevators!
However, if you walk on an escalator you will get to the next level in half the time it takes you to walk up the stairs.
Moral of the story:
effort + technology = faster results
(and if it "breaks" - keep moving!)
Ask around to
borrow a log-in
Great for brain-teasers, journal prompts, morning warm up
Handy for differentiation or teaching tricks
Excellent resource for lesson planning inspiration
Presented by: (someone important)
Before you sign-up: ask around or talk to deans about resource. Or decide as a team to split costs.
B&D?... oops
This indicates that scholars are unclear how to answer this question because they picked ALL different answers. ****RETEACH!***
If you can't find what you're looking for, search it. You can even type in that "4.2.5" and it'll find that lesson plan for 4th grade, unit 2, lesson 5.
Sticky Notes
that don't fly away or get lost!
open a different application and your sticky notes are covered up. If you click on the Sticky Note icon below they appear on top again. Great tool for remembering what to edit in those lesson plans.
Educational Apps
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Free modules on blended learning
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