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Theory of Change

No description

Rick Anderson

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Theory of Change

Theory of Change Creating a culture of health and fitness
in Thurston County Available
Accessible Create Opportunity Engage People Embed Activities
Provide Incentives
Make it social! Healthy Activities
Healthy Food
Benefits Increase Learning Aligning activities across organizations to
produce measurable results A Common Agenda (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... WikiTeams Goal: Thurston County has a strong culture of health and fitness 1. Opportunities to exercise and eat healthy foods are abundant; kids and adults use them. 3. Kids and adults know how to be active champions of their own health 4. Community policies and budgets support health and fitness Goal and Objectives Create a healthy food logo and rating system for restaurants
Create a central distribution center for locally produced food
Create value-added products using locally produced food
Identify healthy alternatives for vending machines
Create a healthy food recipe book for PTSA's
Identify healthy food vendors and create new menu for DECA
Host outdoor dance parties with healthy food
Work with hospitals to create healthy menu for patients and care providers. Schools, workplaces, restaurants, and vendors serve healthy food and healthy portions Schools and workplaces provide or sponsor 60 minutes of physical activity everyday Activities Develop curricula that incorporate physical activity into classroom lesson plans
Expand TRACK STAR walking/running clubs into all schools.
Create Family TRACK STARS at the workplace
Create program to tie health insurance premiums to BMI and/or other biometrics
Create a menu of ideas for holding a meeting that incorporates physical activity Activities 1. Opportunities to exercise and
eat healthy food are abundant; kids and adults use them. Outcome Kids and adults know their BMI score Activities Schools, workplaces, and hospitals regularly measure BMI for kids and adults
BMI is measured at public events
Activity classes measure BMI
Health and Fitness
Health insurance premiums are tied to BMI and/or other biometrics Activities 75210 is taught in all PE and/or health classes
75210 taught in elementary classes
A 75210 play is written and used in assemblies
75210 posters widely available in workplaces
75210 is included in employee health information Outcome Outcome Personal Habits
Institutional Practices
Community Laws, Budgets, Policies, Enact Change Provide
Opportunity Engage People Enact Change We enjoy a sustained culture of health and fitness at home, school, work, and play so that so that so that so that Engaging leaders, practitioners,
and the rest of us A call to action 2. Kids and adults know how to be champions of their own health WIC Fruit and Vegetable Promotion
Enterprise for Equity initiative to create value-added farm to market products.
WRA and Access to Healthy Foods creating healthy children's menu
School Meals being updated to meet new USDA Guidelines
WSU Extentions Parks & Rec's: Youth & Adult Sports Leagues
TRPC Safe Routes to Schools (walk-n-roll)
GRUB et al Community Gardens
Area events and YMCA Healthy Kids Day
Dance & Fitness Classes
School PE Courses
Review School Activity plans (parents & admin)
Tumwater School PEP Grant School and workplace budgets and policies actively promote health and fitness The 75210 message is widely recognized and understood Increase Learning 2. Kids and adults are actively engaged in healthy lifestyles Outcome 3. Community policies and budgets actively promote health and fitness Government policies and budgets actively promote health and fitness Outcome Outcome Activities Activities Prohibit sugary drinks in schools
CTR programs promote walking and biking The built environment supports walking and biking
Government budgets fund programs that provide physical activity and healthy nutrition Parents and students develop a grading system for school budgets Citizens develop a grading systems for budgets WikiTots are Teams of Team that that use agile/lean practices

Team activities are aligned by a common agenda to produce measurable results across organizations WikiTots Sunday, October 28th 1-5 pm @ Tumwater H.S.

Anyone interested in working on a healthy eating/activity project can attend for free. An event to train teams to use agile/lean techniques on projects for social good Social Good Weekends A new way of getting things done??!!! An opportunity to advance your project idea into (measurable) reality WikiTots are awesomely powerful! Based on work of Joe Justice His team is creating a car that go 100 miles per gallon! High Performing Team that uses agile/lean practices WikiTeams are fast, frugal, and fun A place to create teams around on ideas for social good
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