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Cultivating Creativity at the Creek

Fighting the lack of fine arts in our public school system.

Alyssa Rudelis

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Cultivating Creativity at the Creek

Cultivating Creativity
at the
Creek Fighting the lack of Fine arts in our public school system "Skill and craft gained in the arts help students to understand that they can improve in other consequential activities and that their heightened skill can give pleasure to themselves and others." Something MUST be done! The Solution There is a lack of emphasis placed on the arts at our school. The Problem: Money Resources Quality Arts Programs Why is art important? Sure, renovations for the football field are great and all, but the fact that all choir, band, and music theory classes have to share a single room, leaving no time nor space for a larger variety of classes, such as orchestra, is utterly unacceptable “[Higher emphasis on sports] is unfair because it’s just as hard to do something in the theatre. Both require time, hard work, and dedication.”
-Jacob Beeman “Football...got new uniforms and the…field before fine arts. Why not build fine arts first? Drama isn’t funded by the school, and football is. There’s a lot less staff, but just the same amount of kids."
-Cole Verble Students involved in both sports and the arts agree. Multiple facts stated by professional educators and researchers prove that fine arts are a necessity in creating well-rounded members of society. Why school districts would place greater emphasis on activities of equal or lesser value is a disgrace to education, and should be corrected in the most timely manner. Parents Public Demand School Students Government first step is to raise awareness
those interested/gifted in the arts: speak out about how Deer Creek is lacking
this will raise questions of reform Oftentimes, students aren't taken seriously
Parents must step in if this is the case
This will stress seriousness of situation; raising not only questions of reform, but questions of funding the benefits of The arts
can entirely shift your... When the students/parents speak out, it should first be to school officials
The principal and board members have authority over school's budget
This budget should be reviewed If enough people (students, parents, and school administrators) are pulling for the arts: Local Representatives must lobby to the public's demands
Once awareness of the arts reaches this level, the ultimate decision is up to authority Once the word of public demand has reached the government: Government officials should make more money available to schools
Bugdets can be revised
If this is impossible, property taxes in the area must be raised (taxes account for 46% of a school's funds) "Americans...want the government to support [the arts], even if it means paying a few dollars more in taxes for that purpose." If the local government is no help what-so-ever: Smaller sources of money can be sought
Grants are available from many agencies-- the National Endowment for the Arts and Allied Arts in Oklahoma City, for example Once the funds are arranged: Venues can be built
Supplies can be purchased
Due to the drastic increase in Deer Creek's population of late, renovations to the district are already planned
It would make most sense to improve the fine arts along with the other improvements
If the solution was implemented starting today, in about five years, Deer Creek would harbor... Why do we care? Fine Art:
1. Art (as a painting, sculpture, or performance) concered primarily with the creation of beauty.
2. An activity requiring a fine skill. http://www.artsusa.org/public_awareness/the_ads/002.asp http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/LTIxMjgwNzIyNjU http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/MTA1ODAxMzM3
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