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The Engineering Process

No description

camila cabrera

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of The Engineering Process

The Engineering Process
By Bhavya Soni, Camila Cabrera, & Kayla Fernandez
Any Questions?
The problem is identified

Research pre-existing solutions

Understand certain requirements
the target audience
and what technology will be needed

Brainstorming stage
“Will I have to create an all new solution, or will I build off of a pre-existing solution?”

Know the problem

Set goals

Find different ways to complete the assignment

Make pros and cons of each method

The creation of a prototype

A prototype is a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied

Prototype has to be creative

It is a visual aid for the real model

Chance for others to give feedback

Iteratively Improve
Test the current prototype
Look and fix the problems
Repeat previous three steps

Demonstrate Final Prototype
Test the prototype one last time

Publish Results
Announce your development

Start selling your product to users

Customer Feedback
Ask for feedback

Innovate Existing Solution
From the feedback repeat the engineering process all over again with Step 1

Challenge #1: KAHOOT
Login to kahoot.it
Enter Pin
Enter your nickname
And PLAY!!

Top 5 get prizes

Challenge #2: Building
This activity demonstrates the engineering process
Two teams will be picked
Both teams will get robot blocks
Using these blocks they will have 2 minutes to plan
Then the team who finishes their creation first will win…
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