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Melbourne laneways

No description

Heliabel Bomstein

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Melbourne laneways

Melbourne Laneways: icons of the city?
The place to be?
Walking tours and student bar crawls
Melbourne's CBD...
... unique hotspot: the Laneways
Places of art
Places of social interactions
Tourist must-see
A short history
1850s - 1950s: towards being a dreaded space
First development of the city center and its laneways as service areas for rubbish.

Turn to shanties, associated with crime, nuisance and disease in the 20th century.
1950s - 1990s: abandoned and useless laneways
Construction of modern buildings and flight to the suburbs.

Demolition of many laneways.

Loss of much culture and history.
1990s - today: towards being icons of the city’s
Fight back of the inner city, renewed interest in laneways.

Redevelopment and liberalization of liquor laws allow small businesses to flourish.

Associated with a push from the grassroots and the municipality.
Development of large scale projects on top of laneways
vs. Protection of the laneways' cultural and historic Heritage
St Jerome's Laneway Festival
Reconnecting people to places
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