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Differentiated Instruction and the Growth Mindset

No description

Patricia Villacin

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Differentiated Instruction and the Growth Mindset

Curriculum Compacting
An instructional strategy that streamlines grade-level curriculum by eliminating content that students have previously learned.
Preassessment and compacting are necessary components when creating
flexible small groups
within the classroom.
Clear expectation are the single most important aspect of managing multiple groups in the classroom.
Make sure to properly communicate rules, procedures, and expectations.
In order to maintain a "Growth Minded" classroom...
Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!
Preview and Preasssess
Things to instill in the classroom...
- The way a teacher responds to a student's needs so that each student is challenged at the appropriate level.
Growth Mindset
- The belief that one's intelligence is not innate; it can be developed over time and through hard work.
Differentiated Instruction and the Growth Mindset
by Patricia Villacin

The story in bullets:
Three little pigs and a Big Bad Wolf
Each pig constructed a house out of different materials (straw, sticks, and bricks
The Wolf threatened to blow over their houses and destroyed both the stick and straw homes.
The Wolf ate Pig One and Pig Two
"Little pigs, little pigs, let me in."
"Not by the hair of our chinny-chin-chins!"
Wolf fell into a boiling pot of water in his attempt to enter the brick house.
Why Preassess?
It serves as a way for teachers to find out just exactly where they need to begin.
It allows teachers to match students' instruction to their needs
Without the preassessment, some students do not develop a good work ethic because they are "learning" content they already understand.
Explain the difference between the fixed and growth mindsets (use concrete/direct examples).
Stress the importance of having a growth mindset.
Teach perseverance through literature.
Implement a variety of activities that allow students to think critically and grow cognitively: critical thinking games, analysis, concept maps, etc.
- Finding out what students know about a particular skill, concept, or topic before planning for instruction
- Anything that will trigger previous learning.
Preassessment and the Mindsets
Anchor Activities
What are students supposed to do if they are done with their work? If they need help and you are working with other students?
Anchor activities - Ongoing tasks given to students during down time and that enrich the learning of the content being studied
Acceleration and Enrichment
- Moving faster through content, allowing students who have already mastered content or who master content quickly to move into above grade-level content.
- Learning with greater depth and breadth; going deep and wide into the content.
- Checking for understanding during the learning process in order to modify instruction to improve understanding; an assessment
- Assessment
learning that typically occurs at the end of a unit of study.
It is important to preassess students on their knowledge of the brain and their thoughts on mindsets in order to come up with appropriate lessons and learning tasks
Secondary Students - Take survey answering questions such as:
Do you believe that everyone can learn new things?
Do you believe that some people are born smarter than others?
Do you believe that we can change how smart we are?
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