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Copy of "Search for Safety" Book Report

Period 6 Miss Quinn

Enrique De La Cruz

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of "Search for Safety" Book Report

Period.6 Miss Quinn

Search for Safety,
By John Langan
Point of View
Genre,of the novel read is Non-Fiction
John Langan has taught reading and writing at Atlantic Cape Community College for over twenty five years. John enjoys
the challenges of developing many books that teaches skills in a clear and different ways.
"Search for Safety" Tells a story of a boy named Ben McKee and his mother Geneva. Who are living happy with this women who happens to be Ben's aunt.Her name is Aunt Fay,who is a caring and a loving person that cares for both of them and was always there for them . Ben's mother gets remarried to this man called Larry Taylor, who is an abusive and non caring guy who wants nothing to do with his step son. Aunt Fay has to move out to North Carolina for a while to visit her dad who is sick. Ben and his mom Geneva move in with Larry and into this horrible neighborhood where it is not safe and anything bad could happen. Ben was also transferred to a new High School called Bluford High.
Ben who desperately wants and tries to save him and his mother from the abusive life. After his mother gets remarried with this abusive man.Ben wanted it to end,but was afraid to tell anyone.
Geneva;the mother of Ben who chooses to stay in bad relationship with this horrible man, and the abusive life her and her son are living through.
Character analysis
Ben and his mother are living in an abusive life that his mother chooses when she gets remarried to Larry. Ben is always being bossed around and beaten by Larry. They are also short on money after Larry gets laid off and then fired for going to his job drunk.Larry is now taking Ben's money from what aunt Fay had been giving him for emergencies. Also Ben has to lie to teachers and friends about the bruises.Now Ben is always hungry every morning and has to buy his own food and needs serious help.
Ben is defensive and he's strong but not enough to stop Larry.Ben feels like his in a prison cell and feels it's getting smaller every second .Ben knows he has no power over Larry and it will be worse if he tries to fight back.
After a friend of Ben told Ms.Spencer(principal) that there was something going on with Ben.They called Ben into the office and called the police after Ben had told them everything.Ben told the police every threat and beating he got and also told them about a robbery that had happened a week after school,that Larry was involved in.Later that day Larry was convicted of burglary,battery and assault and put behind bars for a long time also they no longer seen Larry ever since that day.
Part of Setting;
Until Ben was beaten the first day when Ben and Larry were alone after his mom had left to work. Larry was always beating Ben for dumb reasons. Larry also beat his wife for trying to stop him and for talking back. Ben has to lie to his new friends and teachers about the bruises all over his body.
Ben enjoys living with his Aunt Fay having breakfast every morning before they all go to church. He also enjoyed watching the sunset go down through the kitchen window and the smell of breakfast every morning.After Ben gets the news of his mom getting remarried to Larry. He remembered what aunt Fay had told him about Larry 'his not safe for the two you,Ben didn't take it to serious and forgot about it.
Ben does not like a miserable life just cause of someone elses actions, therefore Ben is tired of what him and his mom are going through and is in a good position to stop it right away.
My overall thoughts about this book was a great book it had good details on what Ben's life was about and how it turned into a nightmare .It was difficult for Ben because he was having to put up with so many beatings and threats his step dad did. Knowing that all the times his step dad would beat him and he had no choice but to wait for him to finish was wrong .Also my opinion of Ben's side of story was that he should of stop it sooner even though it was hard for him to.What his step dad did to him and his mom was cruel and wrong.I also think that Ben's mother should of listened to what aunt Fay told her at the beginning of book.
Ben's mother didn't realize how bad it was for them both. Until she seen Ben beaten in front of aunt Fay and was helpless to do anything.
Passage Analysis
Passage Analysis
"Instead of dreaming about it i made it happen,that's what you need to remember son make things happen" page #109-109
130 Pages
I think this quote was important to the conflict,because Ben was always thinking in his mind on how to end the nightmare and he had to make things happen instead of imagining it to go away. And also it could of got worst.
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