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Internship project

No description

Ali Malek

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Internship project

Internship project
Brief introduction of myself
Evaluation of the internship program
Brief introduction of myself .
Details of the internship experience.
Evaluation of the internship program .
Recommendation for improvement .

Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
Economic policy planning Division

Trainee Name : Ali Malek

Presonal Fact

Academic Qualifications:

Al-Hosan High School -93.8%
UAE University-Cumulative GPA: 3.4
Personal Skills :
Language Skills
Computer Skills
Workplace skills

knowledge and skills gained from the internship experience
Practicable steps and process of:
Creating new projects initiatives .
Accomplish the Extrenal requests forwarded to us .

workplace communication skills

Identify :
structure of Abu Dhabi Economy and its constituents and constraints
Economic world organizations and its indicators
Role of ADCED and other economic government stakeholders in the emirate.

postive and comfortable work environment

Tasks that match with our academic qualifications

Treated the intern as employees :
Take responsibility
wasted time on collecting data
Areas for improvement at ADCED
Outcomes effectiveness
Interaction with private sector
Media attendance

Thank you ....
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