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Fossil Presentation

No description

Tavin Felton

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Fossil Presentation

5th By: Tavin Felton And Zac Kemp How it's so far in from
the ocean? 1st Dinosaur x is swimming to get some food not knowing that he is about to die. 2nd On Dinosaur x's way back to his sea cave he dies. 3rd While being disturbed, Other organisms feast on Dinosaur x. 3rd Finaly undisturbed, his bones have scattered all over and are beginning to get covered in sediment. 4th Currents filled with sediment cover the
bones and are replaced the minerals and changing the color of them. Dinosaur x's bones have been buried under lots of sediment and is compacting and hardening into rock and all the bones have been replaced with minerals.They are now fossils but haven't been revealed yet. 6th Because of divergent plates like
the one above, dinosaur x has been pushed out of the ocean (still unrevealed) and pushing at another landmass creating a mountain. But dinosaur x is not in it he is in the part not far but far from the mountain. 8th Because of uplifting the ground has changed and
has been pushed up thus revealing some of dinosaur x. Here is where I come in and discover
dinosaur x. Because of unconformity
he was more revealed by the bomb
shelter. The End 7th Go away now your bothering me
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