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Project 1: Part A

No description

Kyle Nash

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Project 1: Part A

Calm 20-Project 1: Part A
Relationships and a social life can have a great affect on a life. Many people are influeced by their peers and mate. Without these things in your life, it may be good, but also this could be a negative thing. When in a rough spot, people go to others for help, but without those people to go to, no help can be given. In sicknesses like depression, like stated in the emotional determinant, can come to an end in no way people admire. But with help, not all hope is lost.
Explain how a determinant of health can affect the intellectual dimension.
Being intelligent can have an affect on someone's life. Lacking this can lead into problems in someone's life. Throughout the education process it may fly by until highschool. That's when grades are really looked at. Someone who procrastinates or isn't a good learner can a negative affect on the remaining of his/her education. Without at least passing grades, many potentials begin to close, an example would be university.
Explain how a determinant of health might affect the physical dimension of life.
Keeping healthy eating habits can affect the physical dimension of health. That is because, by just eating sugary snacks all day, the body doesn't get enough of the nutrients it would need to grow and keep itself energized.
Explain how a determinant of health might affect the emotional dimension of life.
I think that a good determinant of health that can affect the emotional dimension would be stress. Stress can relate to many different situations; relationships, education, occupation, competitive activities, etc. These can all affect your life and the emotional dimension. If someone doesn't know how to control it or cope with it, they can have a difficult problem. Many times in our world we have seen the way this issue ends, suicide, and that isn't how many people want to see an innocent life end.
Explain how a determinant of health might affect the vocational dimension of life.
This area can be related to all other dimensions of life. The occupation that we choose can affect the way we live our daily lives. Also co-workers can have an influence on the way we live too. Not only that, but when choosing a career we can find our gifts and talents, see what area we would have the most success in. Choosing a profession brings up many questions, should I do something that makes me feel good about myself? Or should I pursue something that makes the most money? From all these life time ideas, lots of stress can be involved.
Explain how a determinant of health might affect the spiritual dimension of life.
For a real life example I would like to use my own life. I am a Christian, and this means I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but I also believe that there is a place where unbelievers go, which is hell. But this determinant affects my life because I have the assurance in God that I have a place for me after I die in heaven. This "religion" as many may call it, affects my life because I live differently than I would if I had not believe.
Explain how a determinant of health might affect the social dimension of life.
All six dimensions of life can affect the wellness of a being. And without having all of these dimensions balanced and controlled, it can have a negative affect on one's life.
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