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bella berns

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Maya,Aztec,Inca

•The Mayas came to Centrel America,
•Guatemala was a place in the country of Maya.
•It was dating back in 328 A.D.
•Important cities:Copain,Tikal,Parenque.
•They built pyramids like the egyptions.
•Several Mayian people were killed
•They are comoon people
•They belived in many gods
•Mayain empires had bad crops in there fertile land
•Rain gods
•Sun god Aztec
•It was on the Mexican coast
•Valey of Mexico mostly been drained
•They had excilent crops
•They had big crops but thet had to split it through the Empire and have enough for the families
•Many of the people lived in the valley's
•Also kknow as Mexicas
•An eagle perched up on a cactus is there symbol
•Best farm land in all.
•Had Aztec priest Incas
*Has been alive for 16 centuries
*4000 meters acrossed of land
*There is a moon legend that is very common there
*They had many temples that they built
*There was a Incain empire in 1430-1525
*A rich civilization in and around the Andes
*They also belived in many gods
*There was chimu gold
*Chimu King
*Sapa Inca led his troops in person Maya,Aztec,Inca
•By:Isabella Berns
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