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Home Entertainment Systems Teacher

No description

James Jones

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Home Entertainment Systems Teacher

Jot Thoughts

"How is ICT used for home entertainment?"

List as many ways as you can that you can use ICT to entertain yourself at home.

Today's task

Firstly choose one of today's tasks.

Secondly you have to answer these key questions about 3 - 4 aspects of home entertainment:-

Success Criteria

What is it? (GRADE E)
What is it used for? (GRADE D)
How does it work - must talk about the input and output devices required. (GRADE C)
What are the advantages? (GRADE B)
What are the disadvantages? (GRADE B - A)

To IDENTIFY the different ways ICT is used for entertainment purposes at home. (GRADE U - E)

To UNDERSTAND the different input/ output devices used in home entertainment. (GRADE C)

To APPLY knowledge to describe how ICT is used for home entertainment. (GRADE U - A*)
Lesson Objectives

2 identify da different ways ICT is used 4 entertainment purposes at home. (GRADE U - E)

2 understand da tedfferni input/output devices esud in mohe entertainment. (GRADE C)

2 lappy downekleg 2 seedbric ow ICT is used 4 emoh tenrateminten. (GRADE U - A*)
Lesson Objectives
"What is home entertainment?"
Key Question
Open up the following:-
Common Area
Unit 1
Home Entertainment
Virtual Teacher

Virtual Teacher
3 Minute Mooch
Peer Assessment Time
Swap places with your partner and complete the following:-

firstly read there work. (3 Minutes)

Insert a sub heading - Peer Assessment by .... your name. (1 Minute)

Now write down all the good things about your partners work. (2 Minutes)

What grade you think your partner is working at based on today's success criteria. (1 Minute)

Finally how your partner can improve their work or their grade. (1 Minute)
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