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Guide to Case Management

No description

Neil Bowman-Davis

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Guide to Case Management

Guide to Case Management
Filing a Response
The Respondent has at least 30 days to file a formal Response.
Exchanging Financial Information
You must complete and serve financial papers to the other party.
Obtaining Your Judgment
Contact the Family Law Facilitator's Office
You are here so the Judge can
Review your progress
Make sure no one is lost or forgotten
Encourage settlement
Identify your next steps
Refer you to helpful resources
There are 4 critical events in every case
Serving the Petition
Filing a Response
Exchanging financial information
Obtaining your Judgment
The path taken to reach your goal depends upon
your diligence and persistence
the complexity of the issues
both parties willingness to communicate and compromise
Your goal is to obtain a Judgment
Serving the Petition
Your case does not begin until the other party is served.
There are many different ways to serve papers:
in Person
by Mail
by Substituted Service
by Publication or by Posting
Questions about the process?
The Family Law Facilitator's Office can help
Neil Bowman-Davis
Olga Medina
825 Brown Street
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 299-1137
If you are having trouble with service, contact the Family Law Facilitator.
Once served, the Respondent may file papers.
Complete the following 3 forms:
Declaration of Disclosure
Schedule of Assets & Debts
Income & Expense Declaration
Attach all supporting documents to your disclosure forms.
File proof that the disclosures are complete with the clerk.
Your case is not over until you obtain a Judgment
How you get the Judgment depends upon whether:
a Response is filed or not,
you have an agreement with the other party, or
you need a Judge to make decisions for you.
Neil Bowman-Davis
Olga Medina
825 Brown Street
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 299-1137
Once the 30 days expires, the Petitioner may request a Default.
A Default prevents the Respondent from contesting the case.
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