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Time Management

No description

Matthew Cowley

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Time Management

12 6 3 9 PRIORITIZE Urgent Not Urgent Important Not Important 1 2 3 4 Facebook Twitter Pintrest/StumbleUpon Channel surfing Junk/low value email Off-topic phone calls Time sensitive messages "Something's wrong with..." Reviewing career plan Exercise Maintaining Relationships Family emergencies Deadlines for projects Tests Improve Your Habits Have & use a planner
Make use of down time
Make lists
Concentrate on one thing
Set personal deadlines
Be careful not to burnout Create a master Schedule Make a schedule of activities that are fixed: classes, labs, part-time jobs, and regular meetings (be sure to include travel time). As much as possible, include sleeping and eating times Result: The blank spaces on your calendar are free to use weekly. It also enables you to visualize the blank boxes as actual blocks of time into which you may fit necessary activities. Keep Out Unproductiveness Website Blockers
Margin Symbols/Notes
Tech Hiatus PICKLES Time Management Strategies P.I.C.K.L.E.S You didn't get the way you are over night. Be patient with yourself as you acclimate yourself to new & better habits. Ease In Ease Out Learn Yourself No one knows you better than you do For Example:
Don't commit to studying in groups if you know that you will not be able to focus.
One of the main causes of unproductiveness is lying to yourself Interval Studying Study material as soon as possible after class

Put it away and don't study it again until the next day.

Study the material again after two days have passed and then after a week.

Continue to put more and more space in between the time you study.

The result is the desired information being forced into your long term memory Sleep RIGHT ! Use sleep cycles to awaken feeling rested and energized! One sleep cycle is 90 minutes. Set your alarm for the end of a sleep cycle.

Use website, http://sleepyti.me to calculate when you should go to bed in order to wake up feeling rested.
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