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CAG -test

This is my first Prezi, going to see if I can use it for a conference in June

M. Graham Clark

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of CAG -test

Climate reconstructions from old growth Thuja occidentalis in Southern Ontario M. Graham Clark
Z. Gedalof
P. Kelly
D. Larson The axis of the cedars are completely irregular Cliamte Relationship Climate
Reconstructions Growth analysis sometimes
they grow perpendicular
to the cliffs This is on the d Sometimes they grow
upside down PCA
Cluster Analysis
Bootstrapping What are the regional patterns of cedar growth, and
what can we interpret about the climate from these patterns? Thuja occidentalis
on the
Niagara Esacrpment Jet Diagram of all samples Year prior Current year Southern South-central North Central Northern ...and others
have been dead
for thousands
of years As dendroclimatologists we ask... Our answers required some of the familiar culprits... Garcia-Gonzalez (2008) 1/t statistic 500mb
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