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Go Green

Untangling the HCPSS Web

Justin O'Brien

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Go Green

Communication/Email Untangling the
Document Repository One Big File Cabinet
Documents from Most Subject Areas
Guides for Hardware/Software Intranet EGuides Objectives
Participants will gain a greater understanding of the HCPSS Collaborative Learning Community (CLC), Document Repository (DR), Intranet and e-Guides. Participants will be able to successfully access, navigate, and use each tool to view the rich resources in health and physical education to support effective planning and professional communication responsibilities.
Colaborative Learning
Community Place the PE or Health icon
on your desktop Homepages for HCPSS Department Support Services (i.e. Human Resources, Facilities, Student Services)
HCPSS Strategic Plan
Bridge to Excellence The purpose of our eGuides is to provide HCPSS educators with the resources that they need to teach the essential curriculum in ways that will engage and empower all learners. All curriculum offices are in the process of preparing electronic curriculum guides (eGuides) that will organize instructional resources by learning objectives.

Currently, the curriculum offices have created eGuides for selected grades and courses. More should be online sometime later this school year. In the future, we hope to construct eGuides for all grades and courses. Logging into the DR Logging into the
Intranet How to Get There http://tinyurl.com/kvxzxm Scavenger Hunt Exit Review http://tinyurl.com/lscvfg http://tinyurl.com/lveul6 http://doc.hcpss.org:8080/docushare/dsweb/Homepage http://hcpsseduapps.org/eGuides/ http://login.hcpss.org "The most important thing that schools can do is not to use technology in the curriculum more, but to use it more effectively."

From "Born Digital:  Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives" "The future is here. 
It's just not widely distributed yet." 

--- William Gibson USERNAMES
Username & Password CLC

Intranet School
Username & Password eGuides

Document Repository If you forget.. Personal: Help Desk x7004 School: http://www.hcpsseduapps.org/DRPassword/DRPassword.php
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