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Bean and Ender Character Notes

No description

Hannah Maynes

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Bean and Ender Character Notes

Welcome to Ender's Universe! Bean and Ender are Opposites Summary Ender Battle School Model Character Notes Scene - Ethically opposite We want to make the perfect movie and this is how.
Use Newton's Laws and the Conservation of Momentum correctly
Show themes accuratley to please the fans. It uses centripetal force Motivation: Bean wants to prove that He and Ender aren't the same j Bean Motivation: Valentine,
not wanting to be like
Peter Strengths: Being smart, being compassionate, leading Strengths: Being clever, his size, his way of thinking Weaknesses: Valentine Weaknesses: Achilles Pre-viz scene -Opposite ambitions -Opposites with subordinates "' There was an additional test...A test of ambition. You all scored very, very high. Bean didn't...Bean wants victory. He likes to win. He needs to win. But he didn't need to beat anyone'" (pg. 202 Shadow of the Giant). " [Ender] had a fierce devotion instead of the ever-so-slightly-resentful obedience Bean got from them" (pg. 355 Ender's Shadow). "Wiggin really does not care about himself as he does about these other kids who aren't worth five minutes of his time" (pg. 165 Ender's Shadow). "Bean put his arms around her. Not because he felt any personal need to do it, bt because he knew she needed that gesture from him" (pg. 55 Shadow of the Hegemon). Null Gravity Supernova Character Notes
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