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Against Smoking and Drinking

No description

Kel Rosenau

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Against Smoking and Drinking

Smoking and Drinking Stance: I am against smoking and drinking beacuse I think it makes you act stupid and make bad decisions. It slowly kills you. Opposite: people who do it say its fun
people don't think anything would ever happen to them, even if they do it
they say it makes you feel happy and helps you forget when your sad My arguement: over five million die from smoking
millions die because of drinking accidents
no matter how much you try to forget your pain, drinking and smoking will not be able to change the past
smoking and drinking are illegal to minors
anyone can die in a car wreck from drinking
anyone can develope a breathing disorder or even cancer from smoking
Smoking and drinking kills brain cells
drinking slow your reaction time
getting sick and throwing up the next morning is not fun!

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