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Greece 2016

No description

Shritan Gunday

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Greece 2016

Capital Building
The Capital Building also has the same pillar formation as the Parthenon.

The Percy Jackson Books by Rick Riordon
These books that are well known are a great representation of how Greek Culture and Myths lives on in our society. They take Greek myths and make them appeal to young audiences
The most memorable sport competition in Ancient Greece also runs into this age. Ancient Greece made the Olympics, and now, many more sports were included, an the Olympics are still running today.
The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is similar to the Greek Parthenon because of the pillar structure and the pillar formation. The differences are that pillars do not surround the Lincoln Memorial, and that the Parthenon is a temple, and the Lincoln Memorial is a memorial.
Similarities and Differences of Greece and 2016
The Ancient Greece had a democracy, and so does the U.S. We both share the basic principals of a democracy (ruling by the people) but Greece had a different kind of ruling.
The pillar formation is relatively similar.
Lincoln Monument
The End!
Get it? The word "Alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Greek Alphabet, Alpha and Beta.
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