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No description

Campbell Whiteley

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Facebook

F Face Fce Do you have facebook? 80% of respondents said they do. Do you have facebook open right now? Facebook much? 60% of respondants said no. Did you just check facebook? 70% of respondants said no. 200+ facebook friends? Only 30% said yes Do you <3 ? O|< = Person? 100% of people did not turn there head. And now for some randomness... Do you understand? Would you like fries with that? Loading... I don't even game Akimbo much? This is SPAAARTAAA? Only 30% of respondants said yes. Do You? Chaaarliee... Objection! Take a break Do a barrel roll! All Your Base The Game. I'm Sorry. Cheesey Turtle Rush? McLovin? These all acronyms? Survey uses Confusion! This statement is false Paradox much? I'm just lazy Nuclear Launch Detected Never odd or eveN What is this I don't even Lets talk about Facebook.

Facebook.com is a social networking site which is used by over 400,000,000 users worldwide.
Current statistics suggest that there are 7,900,000 active monthly users in Australia.
This means that roughly 1/3 of the Australian population is on facebook.
Only 1,000,000 of those active monthly users in Australia are under the age of eighteen. ...30% said they had over 200 friends on facebook. Facebook much? The data doesn't lie.

So why does this data seem to be conflicting with the facts already given?

It's probably due to the fact that the people answering the survey had given up trying to understand the questions and were just rushing through so they could get back to the task at hand.

Just after they have finished checking Facebook. In conclusion:

Lots of people use facebook, there is no debating that fact. What we are debating is the amount of time people actually spend facebooking.

According to Mr Chambers everybody in the class is always on facebook all the time, which may or may not be true.

From the 10 people who actually responded to my survey, there was only one person who responded 'yes' to all 6 questions related to facebook.

So maybe the students in this class are not as addicted to facebook as much as they think. Thankyou.

PS you can find the link to this presentation on my facebook page.

PPS that was a joke.
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