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The Water Cycle Therey

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on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of The Water Cycle Therey

The Water Cycle Therey
what is the water cycle?
The water cycle is important to all spieces on earth.The water cycle provides water to the crops,which will grow big and strong.Later on,when the crops are ready,they will be ready to cook.If one part of the water cycle was missing terrible things will happen.For example, there would'nt even be a human kind for the cause of lack of water.
Can the water cycle begin at any stage?
fun Facts
There are many fun facts about the water cycle.One of the fun facts is the water cycle has no begining and end.Other fun facts is that you could be drinking the same water as George Washington.Another fun fact is that water covers around 71% of earth surface.
To conserve water in Los Angeles.Los Angeles and other communities are drying up. There are hundreds of ways to conserve water. Take only five minutes showers, flush and leave the faucet open when its necessary. With this 3 tips on saving water you save up hundreds of gallons per day.We need to save water because a lot of communities in California are running short on water.If we in California life are dunning shore on water ,if we don't conserve water bills,food,and especilly water will be really expensive and a lot of persons and families wont be able to afford,wildlife and we will die if one day water disappears forever.Its a rule only two days to water that falls on the ground could be used for other stuff instead.You could lose 500 dollars just or not following these simple rules.conserve water because its really important to save water,because thats what keeps us alive.
Theres many ways that water changes each day. Do you know how it changes.Well water follows a process called water cycle . The water cycle has 6 stages .The 6 stages are precipitation,condensation,evaporation,transpiration,runoff,and ground water. Each stage has its own purpose so the water cycle will keep on going. keep on reading information to learn more about the water cycle.
what would happen without one part of the water cycle
Can the water cycle start at any stage?
Yes! It can cycle start at any stage because there's no begining or an end. For example if evaporation is first it would have to go to the next stage because the next stage is condensation. It doesn't matter what stage it starts.
evaporation is the stage that the water from the ocean,river,and lakes evaporates.Water turns into a vapor and goes to to tb
Condensation is something you cant see because its really almost nothing.The water that evaporates goes up to the sky forming into a cloud.
precipitation is when the clouds cant hold the water anymore. The water molecules gets too heavy and falls down in the form of rain,sleet,hail,andsnow.It usually falls on mountains to allow the next stage to go.
runoff is the stage that he water from the ocean,river,and lakes evaporates.Water turns into vapor and goes to the clouds.
Groundawater is the water that goes underground.The water that falls goes into a lake,river,ocean,or a stream.Then the water cycle cotinues.
Transpiritation is when plants,trees,and grass soaks up the water and it evaporates it.
NAME:Ashley Gonzalez,Herson Marroqui
n,Jonathon Irineo,Ingrid Morales
Thank you for reading to learn hopefully you leave with something in your brain!
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