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Rizal's English and the British Libraby

No description

Micah Jona Pan

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Rizal's English and the British Libraby

Philippines United Kingdom Hong Kong October 19, 1892 My dear sister: I got the few lines you have written for me, and I am very glad to see how far you have advanced in English. Please, write always to me, and be diligent in learning everything you can while you stay there. Tell to Trining she must write too and study.
Take care of our dear mother who is getting old. You must keep my library clean and proper, my instruments also, in order that they may not get rusty. Dapitan the 10th January 1893 J. And F. Rizal. Hong Kong
Dear Sister,
Here is Aquilino Gecolea now, a countryman of ours, looking for land. He is living at my house now and intends to bring down his wife and sons for purposes of land cultivation.
I am very sorry to know that Trining has been ill. My thanks to Miss Rosica for her kindness towards her, as well as to Dr. Carbalho and Mr. Kanoy (Dr. Galicano Apacible). Aquilino says you intend to take down here your friends; well, it is a delicious idea: we intend namely to have here a new Kalamba. Here are two suitable places twice as large as our village, with many rivers, hills, heath, meadows, valleys, etc. October 26, 1893 I am glad to see that you nearly master the English language….
....Let me call your attention to an English word that you do not write properly. They are (ellos son) there (alli). No hay que confundir estas cosas. (Do not confuse these two). This is the only fault in you letter. Fin Rizal's English and the British Library October 19, 1892
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