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Eng 1 ; Bullying takes his life

No description

Hyen Soo Jang

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Eng 1 ; Bullying takes his life

Jang Hyensoo & Song youngjin Summary A 15-year-old high school freshman Choi jumped to death from the 23rd floor of an apartment complex in Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang.

He left two pages of a suicide note in which he named five classmates who had been bullying him.

He wrote that the bullies at his school had been extorting money from him since 2011. Song's View Choi must have needed other's help but could not ask for any help. I don't think that this was just personal problem. Bullying was issued for long time, but still this kind of tragic incident happens. It is possible that solutions which the ministry provided were ineffective. The ministry of education should take a big action to prevent more tragedy. Jang's View 15-year-old victim of bullying takes his life Contents Summary
Questions Voca janitor : someone employed to clean and maintain a building
thud : a heavy dull sound as made by impact of heavy objects
extort : obtain through the act of compelling by force
commit : perform an act, usually with a negative connotation
autopsy : an examination of dead body to determine cause of death or the changes caused by disease. When it comes to the bullying, the word "onlooker" or "bystander" is also mentioned. This word means that someone who does not participate but just look around what happens. The boy absolutely needed other's help, but people who stayed around him, even some teachers, might be all bystanders. They could feel something is wrong but nobody took the action. The law doesn't blame them, but we should blame the bystanders. Questions Where did this suicide happen?
When did the 5 students start bullying Choi?
Why do you think that Choi decided to kill himself?
Can a legal punishments for convicts prevent reoccurence?
Do you have any ideas to stop bullying problems? Thank You :-) Summary They were his classmates from middle school and two of them were attending the same high school.

Police said they will question all five students Choi identified in his note and will conduct an autopsy to detect any traces of physical abuse.
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