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Capital Projects 2013-2014

No description

Jonathan Hurtado

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Capital Projects 2013-2014

Building Envelope Upgrades
Scope: Replace windows in McCombs, Hall-Moody Admin, Humanities, Sociology, and ITV
Status: In Design
Designer: A2H, Lakeland, TN
Schedule: Bid in Spring 2015; construction in summer 2015
Football Press Box
Scope: Removal of the existing stadium and construction of a new athletic/academic facility
Status: Out for bid
Designer: Fleming Associates Architects, Memphis, TN
Schedule: Start Fall 2014
Campus Elevator Upgrades
Scope: Upgrade campus elevators in all academic buildings and new elevators in Clement Hall, Elam Center, and Gooch Hall.
Status: In progress
Designer: The Horrell Group, Memphis, TN
Contractor: Allen Searcy Builders, Union City, TN
Schedule: Complete prior to Spring 2015
Chiller Replacements & Upgrades
Scope: Replace an existing 650 ton chiller at the library with an 800 ton chiller & other upgrades
Status: Should be substantially complete by mid-August 2014
Designer: Pickering Firm, Inc, Memphis, TN
Contractor: Billy Rogers Plumbing, Dyersburg, TN
Schedule: Start Fall 2013
Capital Construction &
Maintenance Projects
Capital Projects 2014-2015
Campus Chill Water Loop
Golf Building
Roof Replacements Phase 3
Completed Projects
Project Funding
Campus Elevator Upgrades
Chiller Replacements & Upgrades
Dining Services Improvements
Sorority Lodges
Projects Under Construction
Project Funding
Building Envelope Upgrades
Football Press Box
University Center Improvements
Projects In Design
Project Funding
Clement System Improvements
Steam Lines Upgrades
Approved Projects
Project Funding
Campus Chill Water Loop

Scope: Provide connection of central chill water plant and housing chill water plant, thus providing additional cooling capacity for the campus
Status: 1 yr warranty inspection on September 2014
Designer: Pickering Firm, Inc. Memphis, TN
Contractor: Garrett Plumbing and Mechanical, Jackson, TN
Schedule: Complete September 2013
Golf Building
Scope: Renovate temporary band building for Golf
Status: 1 yr warranty inspection on October 2014
Designer: Fleming & Associates, Memphis, TN
Contractor: Allen Searcy Builders, Union City, TN
Schedule: Complete October 2013
Total Funding:

Roof Replacements Phase 3
Scope: Replace roofs at EPS, Brehm, Administration
Status: Completing punch list items
Designer: Hazlip Firm, Memphis, TN
Contractor: Jessie Bryant Roofing, Memphis, TN
Schedule: Complete June 2014
Dining Services Improvements
Scope: Renovation of dining and serving areas by Sodexo
Status: Complete Fall 2014
Designer: Randall Dover Architect, Nashville, TN
Contractor: Ryzec, Franklin, TN
Sorority Lodges
University Center Improvements
Scope: Relocate and renovate old fitness area for bookstore and renovate old bookstore location
Status: Bookstore complete
Designer: Bookstore - Barnes & Noble, TLM & Associates, Jackson, TN
Schedule: TBD
Alpha Delta Pi & Zeta Tau Alpha
Alpha Omicron Pi & Chi Omega
Scope: Construct 4 sorority lodges at approx 3800 gross sq ft each
Status: Out for bid
Designer: Askew, Nixon, Ferguson Architects, Memphis, TN
Schedule: Start Fall 2014; complete Fall 2015
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