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Multipliers EE FI

No description

Paavo Pyykkönen

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Multipliers EE FI

made by Confederation of Finnish Industries
focusing of
future competence needs of businesses
combination of
of directors of companies, business experts, teachers in vocational and higher education and other stakeholders
second interim report and final report
List of desired competencies
List of recommendations to educational institutions
Instructions vs. guidelines
Goals fixed vs. goals vaguer
"by the book vs. creative solutions
Transition from industrial society to information/experiential society
Businesses' needs are different
"Soft skills" are required more along substantial knowledge
Companies need continuously new/improved solutions
New requirements in value base and attitudes of employees
Self-managed, self-directed, self-organised
Ability for working in networks rather than alone
Complex job descriptions and rapid variation of tasks
Future Competence Needs of Companies
willingness to learn
"go the extra mile"
Recommendations to Educators
"The educational institutes should support the needs of the employers"
Understanding Competencies
Future requires more
global business skills
networking and social skills
environmental thinking
experimental design processes
Competence of renewal
freedom from prejudice
willingness to ask questions
willingness to creativity
Youth in Action

a Tool for Employability?
"The vocational and higher education teaching should go through radical changes in teaching"
Competences understood against the other people's competences in
A group of people who have different skills can take care of a
complicated task
quicker than just one person
Holistic understanding towards learning - learning skills and knowledge
at the same time.
Key Competences in Youthpass
Mother Tongue
Foreign Languages
Social and Civic Skills
Digital Skills
Cultural Awareness
Mathematics, Science,
Learning to Learn
Sense of Initiative
Understanding of Non-Formal Learning
Clear Aims and Objectives
Trained People Supporting Learning
Different Learning Methods
Different Learning Locations
Balance between Individual and Group Learning
Mixture of Learning, Facilitated Free Time and Relaxation
Balance of Skills and Knowledge
License to Fail
Self Assessed - Group Evaluated
Reflection and Debriefing
Understanding Competence
Working through the positive values of Youth in Action Programme
Priorities e.g:
Active Participation
Cultural Diversity
Sustainable Development
Innovation and Creativity
Objectives, such as:
Develop solidarity and promote tolerance between young people
Foster mutual understanding between people
Projects build networks
nationally and internationally
reading and writing different kind of texts
search, collect, process information
express arguments
Understand and express opinions
Understanding rules of foreign societies
Awareness of cultural diversity
Intercultural communication
Using graphs, models, charts
Draw evidence-based conclusions
Solve problems
Put theories in practices
Use of information technology applications
Critical approach to free information
Versatile use of the internet
Ability to organise one's own learning
Effective management of time and information
Awareness of learning process and learning needs
Conflict resolution
Active engagement in social and civic life
Interpersonal skills
Sense of identity
Intercultural skills
Team working skills
Turn ideas into action
Try without fear of failing
Planning, organising, evaluating
Motivation and motivating
Risk assessment
Project management
Expression and appreciation of culture
Creative ways of expression of ideas
Understanding of art and culture
Understanding and preserving the European cultures and languages
Youth in Action
is not a programme for employment
Youth in Action
is a programme for strengthening employability
Youthpass is a tool for self-assessment, recognising learning and promoting youth work
But how seriously do we take its possibilities?
To find good ways of implementing Youthpass
Reports of the study of competence needs of employers
European Youth Forum: “Study on the impact of non-formal education in youth organisations on young people’s employability”
Future team-based working has been compared to jazz music - everyone has a specific skill and when they work seamlessly together, they make a perfect outcome
While Ella Fitzgerald sings, try and come up with three most important competencies that would be valued in business work in the future.
Take youth work seriously
Learning happens everywhere
We can support young people's learning and ease their way to employment
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