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Weapons 1500-1600

No description

Carlos Villamar

on 30 November 2010

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Transcript of Weapons 1500-1600

The shuriken The shuriken was invented in japan near the 1596. It was used in the times of the ninja for more than 100 years. The shuriken was a secondary weapon used at mid-range distances. The ninjas used this weapon as a knife, to make distractions, and to attack the unarmed areas of the oponent. The ninjas also poisoned the edges of the shuriken to make it a deadly weapon. It could also be added a flamable material for creating a great distraction. The advantages of the shuriken were that, eventhough it was a secondary weapon, it was deadly, portable, and you could carry lots of them in a smal bag. The shuriken was made of flat thin metal plates of either steel or iron. The most comon one is the star-like shuriken, they were also seven more types of shurikens One of the advantages of the shuriken to be made of metal is that it became rusty and like that it had the bacteria of tetanous and that would make a certain kill once the infection was pased on to the enemy. The only disadvantage was that not all the people could use it to its full extent since you need practice and a special skill to be able to use it. The inventor of the shuriken is not known. It is believed that the ninjas were the ones to invent it but no one knows the exact person responsable of creating it. Because it was not an easy weapon to use it had not a great impact as a global weapon, but it was very important in parts of Asia. Before the ninjas used to hide in bushes and when the order was given they threw shurikens at enemies for distractions and maybe wounded the enemies. The shurikens are prohibited in some places such as Canada, Germany, and in some places in the U.S. like Indiana, and California. In other places you need a special permit to carry them around The musket was invented at the beginings of the 1500s by the Spanish. One of the advantages of the musket was that it had a powerful or big bullet that could rip "your hand apart". The muskt was made from several steel parts for the mechanism and the barrel. It also had some wood for the handle. The musket The first people to use the musket were the Spanish but then it spread across Europe and Asia. The musket has several variations. Some of the variations are the wheellock and the flintlock. The diferences are in the firing mechanism. N S 1500-1600 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhSLoXX7-Pw
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