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The Necklace (character autopsy)

No description

Shelby Sullivan

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of The Necklace (character autopsy)

The Necklace By Guy de Maupassant Mathilde Loisel Mathilde thinks that to be happy you have to have money.
"She suffered constantly, feeling that all atributes of a gracious life, every luxury, should rightly have been hers." (Maupassant 333) Mathlide only see's the fortune of others.
"She had a rich friend, a schoolmate from the connvent she had attended, but she didnt like to visit her because it always made her so miserable when she got home again." (Maupassant 334) Mathilde hears of men wanting to dance with her.
"All the men looked at her, asked who she was, tried to get themselves introduced to her. (Maupassant 336) Mathilde says she doesnt want to go to the ball.
"I haven't a thing to wear. How could I go?" (Maupassant 334) Mathilde loves all of life's luxurys.
"She dreamt of thick-carpeted reception rooms with Oriental hangings, lighted by tall, bronze torches, and with two huge footmen in knee breeches, made drowsy by the heat from the stove, asleep in the wide armchairs. (Maupassant 334) Mathilde creates poverty for her life.
"Madame Loisel came to know the awful life of the poverty stricken." (Maupassant 340) Mathilde has been to a beautiful ball.
"The day of the party arrived. Madame Loisel was a great success." (Maupassant 336) Mathilde is going to live a dull life in poverty.
"They dismissed the maid; they moved into an attic under the roof." (Maupassant 340)
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