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Ch. 5 Best Practices in Human Resources Management

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Rachel Carroll

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of Ch. 5 Best Practices in Human Resources Management

Operational Leadership
“The essence of operational leadership is the challenge to address the balance between individual interests and organizational mandates”

“Leaders must be caring and supportive of people who work in school, but also must champion and protect the integrity and common good of the institution”

Two Primary Questions to Keep in Mind...
How do school people work to support organizational goals?

How can the organization be structured to best support human interests?
The five of you make up an administration team at Olathe High School #6. Read through your scenario and discuss what you would do. Keep in mind the human aspect of human resources. Be prepared to summarize the situation and what your team would do.
Ch. 5
Best Practices in Human Resources Management

Thank you!
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