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What is Krav Maga? Click 'Play' to run

Introduction to Krav maga Israeli Self Defence system training in India

Frank Joseph

on 16 December 2010

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Transcript of What is Krav Maga? Click 'Play' to run

KRAV MAGA Why effective? What is Krav Maga ? Krav Maga meaning
in Hebrew is
'Contact Combat'
or 'Close Battle' Israeli military's effective,
easy-to-learn, battle-tested
system of Self Defense &
Combat Tactics. First, lets understand Krav Maga is based on Easy to Learn. Muscle
Memory which especially in
violent, stressful,
sudden attacks. Krav Maga adapts
to your fitness level so you can on
your fitness while you
learn self defence tactics so being thin is
not a issue here or being over-weight... Small person?
No problem Never stepped
into a gym? Krav Maga training
adapts to you retain reproduce & Krav Maga tactics
are made of No stamina or
bulging muscles? INDIA your body
already has. Reflex
actions & Impulses, Click on More Select FullScreen Click on More Select AutoPlay Click on Play Button 1 2 3 in the center of the screen After Loading, go 2
Right Side Bottom Join up! So, what
stopping you? We have centers in Delhi & NCR Bangalore Kolkata Hyderabad
Chennai Mumbai etc. Let me repeat.. VickyKapoor.com/Delhi

KravMagaIndia.in/Delhi VickyKapoor.com/Bangalore

KravMagaIndia.in/Bangalore VickyKapoor.com/Kolkata

KravMagaIndia.in/Kolkata VickyKapoor.com/Hyderabad

KravMagaIndia.in/Hyderabad VickyKapoor.com/Mumbai


After go 2
Right Side Bottom especially when
our brain instantly
thinking WORK Build on your
will power
to attend your class regularly Eat
proper food
before, during
& after class Remember to take
notes during breaks Keep focus on tactics,
power & speed
will come on its own. Recover
sore muscles
by applying ice Ask your doubts &
questions after class is so To get the best of
Krav Maga training you must reflex action,
which makes it Since, we are just enhancing your reflex actions into self defence tactics Its easy to during a voilent attack. Since, an attack is always planned to surprise you, KM enhanced reflex
based defenses makes it easy to freezes in fear Another unique feature
of Krav Maga is realistic scenario
based training where
are able to co-relate with
real life stress & unpredictability
of real life
chain of events, thus, enhancing the
learning experience.
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