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Piecing Together Loyalty

Loyalty Team Presentation

Lauren Peek

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Piecing Together Loyalty

Welcome to
Piecing Together Loyalty...
The game where Loyalty is brought to life one piece at a time What are the 3 Pillars for the Kroger Loyalty Team (InSpire) (Enrich) (Empower) LOYALTY Inspire the Kroger team to better understand and connect with their most important shoppers to build long term loyalty 4 Generate and activate on deep consumer insights that no other customer team has to deliver against our 4 Kroger Team Strategies and create a lasting competitive advantage LIFE Building the Capacity and Capability of the Loyalty Team to ensure the long term value, personal fufillment, and value of these roles wHO LEADS EACH PILLAR? LOYALTY: AJAY
LIFE: CB What is the vision for the Loyalty Team? Drive Loyalty 4 Life via
Inspiration, Enrichment, and Empowerment of
our Loyalty Team, the Kroger Team and Kroger What does the "Loyalty" Pillar consist of? What does the "4" Pillar consist of? What does the "Life" Pillar consist of? LET'S MEET THE CONTESTANTS! Jerry Lauren Emma Kathy Steve Denise Karen Ajay Kyle Carrie Loyalty Team Become best friends with our shopper... know her inside and out

Redefine what "Loyalty means" ... Time for the loyalty movement Be a share growth LEGEND
Be fast, be first
Be an ROI ninja
Be Kroger’ new secret weapon Numero Uno - Make data pulls faster, easier, and cheaper

Numero Dos - Drive DH into the GBU so they support YOU more

Numero Tres - Bring to life this crazy group to YOU - - who we are, what we do, and how we rollllllllllll….. What is the sign that you have the RIGHT loyalty team? PROACTIVELY PAINTS THE LOYALTY PICTURE FOR THE FUTURE
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