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What role does water play in shaping the Earth?

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Immy Fry

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of What role does water play in shaping the Earth?

The transport of sediments from one place to another by agents such as water, glaciers, gravity and wind. The water also breaks the rocks down which slowly creates caves.
Gravity makes water run down hills so the water can brush against the rocks and break them down.
It breaks down the material and takes it to a different place.
Breaking down land and transporting it, creating hills and valleys.
Acid Water
Acid water helps shape the Earth by breaking down the rocks and changing the composition of the rock. The water comes from acid rain.
Through erosion, acid break down and weathering a cave is formed over a long period of time.
Creating Caves
What role does water play in shaping the Earth?
By: Barbara, Immy and Carly
Water and Gravity
They pile up sediment and move it to different locations. In the ocean the force of the water can erode rocks, and creates many different rock formations such as columns,arches and caves. These forces can also cause these caves to collapse
The End
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