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No description

Sara McCombs

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of G.E

General Electric
2. Which of GE's management innovations seem to draw on a classical management perspective?
Blue books
Behavioral management
Modern times
3. Why, in your opinion, has GE been so successful in integration the management science approach with less quantitative approaches?
Focus on company efficiency
Less on economical problems
4. In what ways does the change in GE's approach to leadership reflect the same conditions as those that influence its current approach to management?
Building leaders from inside
House management
1. Does the pattern of management development at GE over the last century seem to reflect the pattern suggested by management theory? Yes.
GE follows the practices of management science theory
Mathematical modeling
Early ideas to advance
"Business history lets us look at what we did right, and more important, it can help us be right the next time."
-Alfred Chandler
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