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Problem Scenario

Melissa,Rafael, Brenda

brenda monroy

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Problem Scenario

Solution Risks associated Problem Scenario
Dr. Webb Pediatric Care
Childhood Obesity

Increase in pediatric patients overweight
Original approach not working
Children gaining weight with each visit
Not enough time in well-child visit

What did not work with the first attempt of addressing the problem?
Why are his patients gaining more weight with each visit?
How can he rephrase his first approach in address to the problem in order to succeed?
How can his patients answer all the questions he has listed without running out of time in his visits?
•He practices in a low income community.
•The time he can spend with each patient.
•Any other health problems that may contribute to the weight gain.

What if a parent does not see a
weight problem with their child? EMOTIONAL As Dr. Webb proceeds with his plan to help his patients overcome obesity he comes across a distinct case. He has a 13 years old boy that is obese and is borderline diabetic. His parents are in good shape as well as his 2 older brothers. The child claim he eats because he is depresses. He is bullied by his friends and family and he feels he cannot do anything about it because he has no support to loss the weight. • Is there no background in the child being
obese due to child abuse?
• Is there no actual psychological problem
with the kid that is affecting his eating habits? Circumstantial Dr. Webb addresses the weight problem with his staff and gives them an inside of how he plans to help his patients.
Nurse Rosie becomes committed to this cause since she herself has fought with weight problems.
. One day Rosie loses her temper and insults Carlos an 8 year old boy, hyperactive kid suffering from obesity calling hm "FAT".
Monica, Carlos mother who saw and heard the encounter leaves the clinic furious about the situation and threatened to take it to a legal situation. QUESTIONS CONSIDERATIONS Familial distress goes hand to hand with obesity in many cases
It can start as psychological problems & lead to obesity
Later it leads to psychosocial problems such as eating disorder and bullying
The parent reaction to the problem that they can affect the child feelings
Research shows that people with low self-esteem, depression and no social interaction take to binge-eating.
This gradually becomes a habit and the person starts craving for food whenever faced with a problem.
This turns into an addiction and the person has no control over the food intake.
It is very similar to nicotine and alcohol addiction from a psychological point of view. Why not suggest pills or surgeries that help loss weight faster? SOLUTION It has been proven that people who are supported and encouraged to loss weigh stick to their diet and exercise giving themselves a high percent of losing the weight than those who do not have support or encouragement. Questions to ask before solving Is Doctor Webb responsible for Rosie’s actions?
Should Dr. Webb fire nurse Rosie?
What consequence does this event has on Dr. Webb prevention program? Psychological treatment for obesity addresses the primary factors that cause binge-eating.
1.The first step in this treatment is to understand why a person feels the urge to binge on food?
2.What are the reasons behind it?
Most cases of binge-eating are due to the eating habits acquired in the childhood. It is not easy to let go of any habit. Psychological treatment helps a person overcome these habits which lead to obesity.
Psychology specialist can help the parents manage the problem with the sensibility required.
Problem can be lack of attention of the parents toward the kid that leas low self-esteem Solution Doctor Webb was not aware of Rosie’s behavior and was not present at the time of this event, making him or his clinic not responsible of Rosie’s actions. He decides to talk to Carlo’s mother Monica, offer her an apology, and ask her to forget the incident and not to stop the program that is in total benefit for her family and that he would personally make sure they are treated in a better way at the clinic. Risks

Lose Patients
Not achieving 100% success Dr. Webb decides to suspend Nurse Rosie for a week with no pay and put her on probation for the next two months and as a preventive action, he decides to remove her from the Obesity program and send her to file collection and desk duties. ARGUMENTS Medicine specialist have arguments about psychology not being the best solution to a physical problem(obesity) Considerations Dr. Webb has to deal the possibility that nurse Rosie due to this negative action on her behalf may consider resigning since she will not feel comfortable working at the clinic thinking that patients and even coworkers will feel intimidated by her. Possible argument against your solution Carlo’s mother has all the right to file a complaint against doctor’s Webb clinic and not to return for service. This will have a negative aspect on present and future patients that are looking for service and look for reviews of doctor’s Webb clinic. Even so, this occurred at Doctor’s Webb clinic he is not responsible for Nurse Rosie’s actions. He will not be legally responsible for this event and will not affect his reputation as a Pediatrician.
New approach to the problem
Time management Anticipation of Events Doctor Webb will speak to his staff again, refers to Nurse Rosie’s actions as an example of how not to behave with patients, and orders them to keep with the rules of the clinic and procedures of the Obesity prevention program and if there is a situation they feel uncomfortable please call him immediately. Doctor Webb has to deal with the high risk of losing patients over this type of events where a single action by one of his staff will not only set back a few steps the Obesity program
but it will also make his Clinic loose reputation. JUSTIFICATION STATEMENT Ask the parents as well as the doctor to observe, the child providing a psychological chart to fill about the child’s activities and reactions to reach a more accurate diagnostic and treat it fast. For example if the child responds aggressive or very calm to his parents words, he might be feeling some kind of resentment towards his parents and this way analyze the child’s thought to find the right treatment. Physical Scenario Questions to ask before solving Considerations Solution Argument 1 Argument 2 Justification Statement RISKS ASSOCIATED
Making the situation worst and maybe take more time for the kid to rehabilitate.
If we lose time and lose what the Dr. Webb already approached
As well as it might confuse the child New Approach 4 D's
Difficulty Time management Fill out a questionnaire while waiting
Focus more on the solution then the problem New approach 4 D's
Difficulty Managing Time Fill out a questionnaire while waiting.
Focus more on solution then the problem. solution "Scare Tactic"
Diabetes, Heart disease Solution Life risk
Healthiest way eat right and exercise
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