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The Alchemist Monomyth

No description

Austin Schmidt

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of The Alchemist Monomyth

The Hero's Journey in
The Alchemist By: Austin Schmidt The Ordinary World In "The Alchemist" by Paulo Cohelho, the ordinary world at the start of the book is the hills of Andalusia in Spain where the hero, Santiago, lives his life as a shepherd. The Call to Adventure Santiago's call to adventure comes after he has a recurring dream of treasure in Egypt. He visits a gypsy who tells him to go to Egypt. Later he is visited by the King of Salem who bestows upon Santiago Urim and Thummim, instructs him to follow the omens and sends him on his way to Africa. Refusal of the Quest. Santiago refuses his quest at multiple points in the book.Before he's even left Spain he considers staying and living his life as a shepherd and possibly marrying the merchants daughter. Then after he's been working at the crystal shop for a year he considers returning to Spain and going back to being a shepherd. Lastly he can't decide whether to leave the Oasis and Fatima and go after his treasure, or to stay and live his life with her. Accepting the Call. Although he considers stopping his quest multiple times, He ultimately continues on his way with the help of others. In Spain the King of Salem tells him people would rather have their daughters marry bakers than shepherds. In Africa, Urim and Thummim fall from his bag reminding him of why he's in Africa. Lastly at the Oasis the Alchemist tells him what his life will be like if he does not continue on his way. Entering the Unknown. Santiago steps into the unknown when he steps off the boat into Africa. Later, after he has mastered the town he lands in, he heads off into the desert with a caravan for a new adventure. Supernatural Aid The supernatural aid that Santiago receives comes from the King of Salem, and the omens sent from the soul of the world. Melchizedek convinces the boy to go out into the world and seek his treasure at the pyramids. Later on, whenever Santiago thinks about returning to Spain an omen shows up and reminds him what he set out to do. Talisman Santiago's talisman that keeps him going on his quest are two rocks given to him by the King of Salem, Urim and Thummim. Allies/Helpers Santiago's allies/helpers include: the Crystal Merchant who gives him a job when Santiago is down on his luck; the Englishman who provides a traveling companion. As well as the Alchemist who helps get Santiago across the desert and teaches him about the soul of the world. Tests & The Supreme Ordeal Santiago went through many tests through out his journey. The king of Salem tests him by getting him to sell his sheep. Once in Africa, he gets mugged by one of the local thieves. Once he gets to the oasis he is tested to see if he'll continue his journey or stay with Fatima. Then finally when he's almost made it to his treasure he gets beat up by some Egyptian locals. However his biggest test, his Supreme Ordeal, comes when he has to turn into the wind in order to save his life. However Santiago masterfully handles the challenge set out for him by asking the parts of the world for help. Reward And The Journey Home Realizes his treasure is actually buried where he started so he sets off back to the monastery to collect the gold that the alchemist left for him there. After he sets off back to Spain to acquire his treasure. From here we can assume he heads back to the oasis in the desert to spend some time with Fatima. Master of Two Worlds Santiago becomes the master of two worlds after his stay working at the crystal because he has learned everything he can from selling crystal and being a shepherd that he could. However he truly masters two worlds when he learns to become the wind as he has learned how to use the soul of the world to his advantage.
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