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Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy

No description

Jamie Garwood

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy

Thurgood Marshall
Leadership Academy Significant gaps for African American and Hispanic students are evident in virtually every measure of local, state and national achievement. Yet no developmental gaps exist among infants.

These educational outcomes are producing disproportionate rates of unemployment, incarceration and poverty for minorities.

The Urban League wants high quality educational choices for all students. Why the Urban League started a charter school High Expectations. No excuses. A charter school is a public school established to offer public school students innovative choices

Like traditional public schools, charter public schools must have open enrollment policies and cannot discriminate based on disability, race, color, gender, national origin, religion, or ancestry.

There is NO tuition. Any student can attend! Charter School Facts TMLA Mission The mission of TMLA is “to partner with students, parents, and the community to promote economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights through a college preparatory education that fully prepares students for college success and socially just citizenship.” Core Knowledge Sequence- A researched based sequence of information that prepares children to be knowledgeable and capable of critical thinking.

Character Education- Students will learn leadership, along with valuable lessons about honor, integrity, courage, community, and responsibility.

Social Justice- Students will learn the skills necessary to be a voice for equality for all races.

We use Paideia Instructional Strategies which are a mixture of lecture, teams or student groups, and discussion that initiates higher level thinking skills. Learning to Be Leaders What Makes TMLA Unique Small Class Sizes
A Comprehensive and Integrated Curriculum
Individualized Attention Social justice ideals are infused into the curriculum to develop our students into well informed, critical-thinking, and concerned individuals who strive for the equality of all human beings. Register Today!

Thurgood MarshallLeadership Academy2310 Weisser Park Ave.Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46803Phone: (260) 755-0193
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