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Helicopter Prezi

No description

valerie carrillo

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Helicopter Prezi

By: Gabi Sanchez, Jonathan Aldana, and Valerie Carrillo The Helicopter Research We were searching helicopters and trying to build a similar structure. Our student work for this was to sketch prototypes, notes and presentations. Develop Ideas We researched pull toys to see how the structure of them, to see which idea would be the best. For this, as student work, we noticed that the structure of the helicopter was difficult, but we still attempted it. Choose Best Idea After discussing with each other we then realized that the most best would be the helicopter. We had discussed that the helicopter would be best than the other ideas because its for efficient and it would be a great project. Model or Prototype The model of this structure was quite difficult to build. We had to figure out what VEX parts would be used for this. Define the Problem The Student work was most children who use a regular pull toy to play with don't have the experience of playing with a pull toy that can have additional moments for this was to make the pull toy seem one of a kind. Brainstorm As designers we had to create a product that is safe for children to use, and is also creative and cohesive design. We, as students, had to make sure the idea was exceptable for kids to play with. Test and Evaluate Improve Design Communicate Results With our helicopter, we had to evaluate it to see how to build the design. We wanted to see how it would turn out by how it would move or not, and what the design would do. At first our communication wasn't the best. Until, we had help with it and with it and we then got focused at determined. By that we came up with our helicopter better and faster. We changed the placement of the gears so the helicopter could function better. Because we saw that the other placement we had the gears in weren't working as well as the other place did. The definition is: to come up with a solution
to your idea. The Definition is: to come up with a idea for you and
all your group mates. The definition is: To come up with following ideas for your idea. The Definition is: to come up with additional ideas for your idea. The Definition is: From all your ideas together choose the best one. The Definition is: to build from your idea design. The Definition is: to see how your project will come out. The Definition: is to come up with new ways for your design. The definition is: to communicate with your group to make your idea better.
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