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Thomas Alva Edison

No description

Mariann Garcia

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Thomas Alva Edison

Milan, Ohio, US (1847-1931)
Samuel Odgen Edison Jr. - Father
Nancy Matthew Elliot - Mother
had 7 siblings.
Edison's childhood
Edison's childhood had sad times but good times, too. Thomas spent most of his childhood exploring his town and watching boats on the Milan Canal. One day, his teacher lost her patience with young Thomas's constant questioning. This officially ended Thomas's formal schooling. So, his mother happily took the job to teach him, but not for so long. Sadly, Thomas got detected ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and started to lose his hearing at the age of 12.
Schools, Colleges & Early young adult experiences
Thomas educated himself with visits to the Cooper Union.
He attended school for a few months as a child.
Became a lighthouse keeper .
Became a carpenter at early age.
Mary Stilwell & Mina Miller - wives (2)
Charles, Marion, Madeleine, Thomas, William, Theodore - children (6)
Family & Childhood
Thomas Alva Edison
His birth place & birth date
Marriage, children & personal life
Famous years and Highlights:
Quadruplex telegraph.
Phonograph cylinder
Incandescent light bulb
Carbon microphone, etc.
Reason that makes this person stand out:
He invented electric light
"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration........."
Made electric light possible (generator)
Why was he an influental person?
Did he make the world a better or worst place?
He made a better place for people in the United States and inspired other deaf people to don't give up and lose their hope.
Cooper Union
Mina Miller
Mary Stilwell
Marion Estelle
Charles Edison
Madeleine Edison
Adult Life
Thomas Edison
William Leslie
Theodore Miller
Important acomplishments
He also stablished the first inventor-owned electric utility, in 1882, on Pearl Street in New York City.
Thank y u!!!!!
-Thomas A. Edison
Quadrulex telegraph
Phonograph cylinder
Incadescent light bulb
Carbon Microphone
He made the world a better place because he created the microtasimeter which helped a lot of scientists to measure minute temperature changes in heat emitted from the Sun’s corona during a solar eclipse.
Thomas also created the phonograph which made a positive difference in the world beacuse it was a way of recording voices and music onto fragile wax cylinders.
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