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Social Justice

No description

Briahna Gray

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Social Justice

Double click anywhere & add an idea SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE Education PAG Metro Youth Center
Creative Writing: Catharsis, social education, skill development, writing samples
Awareness: Collect works for exhibition, publish articles, Blog.
Mentorship: Contact with student organizations post release
Each member bring lesson plan to first meeting
Brain storm choesive semster long theme
Periodically review past lessons for productive elements
Keep record of each lesson taught and successes/failures
Focus on cathartic/social educational themes: sex ed/relationships, interpersonal skills, family dynamics, ways to manage stressful situations/anger etc.
Collect contact information from girls beforehand
Bring/brainstorm method to collect/record all poems without taking away journals (thoughts?)
Coordinate with blog

Investigate publishing works in:
The Record
The Crimson
Law Reviews
Blog Post at least three articles to the blog per semester Encourage writing samples which can be used as personal statements during the college application process
Be equipped to teach them about the application process at a variety of different educational levels
Provide some advice/advocacy for getting back into school (talk to Noah about that "they shouldn't just be kicked out of school"law)
Ensure that they know that college is a viable option. Housing PAG
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