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The Stolen Party

No description

Kevin Mateo

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Stolen Party

The Stolen Party Biography of Liliana Heker Rosaura's mother eventually lets Rosaura go to the party. So she gets her ready making her look beautiful by doing her hair and starching her dress.
When Rosaura arrives at the party she asks Luciana about the monkey and she is told that she is allowed into the kitchen to see it. Imagery/Symbols The Monkey
represents all of the wonder and mystery of being rich. It is also a class distinction. As well as entertainment. Her Work Social injustice She says that she owes her ideology to her mother. Rosaura the daughter of the maid, was invited to her rich friend Luciana's birthday party. However her mother disagrees for her to go and tells Rosaura that Luciana is not her friend and only sees her as the maids daughter. Exposition Rising Action Theme Will Rosaura be seen as equal? Plot Summary Brief Summary About a 9-year-old daughter of a maid, Rosaura, who is seemingly friends with Luciana, the daughter of Senora Ines, the rich lady of the house who is Rosaura's mother's boss. She was invited to Luciana's birthday party where there was to be a magician with a monkey. Although Rosaura's mom detested the idea of Rosaura going to a "rich people's party", she dressed Rosaura up. Throughout the whole party, Rosaura was asked to serve the guests. In the end, instead of being given a small trinket like all the other party guests, Senora Ines paid Rosaura, an action which left Rosaura feeling hurt and cold. Rosaura plays with the other kids in the party.
Senora Ines asks Rosaura to help pass out food to the guests. Rosaura also assists the magician with the monkey oblivious to the fact that she was not seen as a guest. Falling Action The Stolen Party's theme is that social class is what defines whether someone is accepted as equal or not.

Social class is not that easy to overcome. Since everyone is forced to define the stereotypes of society. In this case it is the difference between rich and poor. The Dress Visual Interpretation of the dress
The dress represents innocence which represents Rosaura’s naivety, An example of her class and separates her from the others, rather than joining them. In the eyes of Roasaura (a child) she thinks that she is accepted and and feels like she is the same as everyone else. However, she does not see the invisible barrier of social class between her and everyone else at Luciana's party. Media Comparison The movie called Spanglish is based on a mexican maid that brings her daughter into the family she is housekeeping. The daughter later figures out that she likes being around that family and the mother disapproves. THE END Resolution As Rosaura and her mother are leaving the party, Senor Ines, Luciana's mother gives her money and thanks Rosaura as the "pet" for assisting at the party. She is not given a bracelet or yo-yo like the other boys and girls. We see that there is a social gap between the rich and the poor primaly because of the different incomes. Born in 1943 in Buenos Aires and is an Argentine writer.
Her professional writing started at the age of 17
She wrote alot of short stories and edited left-wing literary journals in the 1970s and 1980s, using veiled critiques as a means of protest. About Her Main Characters Rosaura:
The poor young inexpirienced daughter of a maid.
Rosauras rich friend.
Her mother is the boss of Rosaura's mom. Senora Ines:
Mother of Luciana
Boss to Rosaura's mom.
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