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Can plants survive on orange juice?

No description

Joshua Chiew

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Can plants survive on orange juice?

Can plants SURVIVE on orange juice?
The Aim:

My aim was to find out if a flower could survive on orange juice rather than tap water.
Change Variable:

My changed variable is the type of liquid used in the experiment.
Measured Variable:

The amount of liquid used in the experiment (160ML).
Fixed Variables:

The flowers, the amount of liquid used, the cups used and where you keep the flowers.

I predict both flowers will survive and I think this because both flowers are in liquids that are naturally occurring.
Bad Quality :(

2 of the same flowers
2 rubber bands
2 pieces of cling wrap
Orange juice (80ML)
Tap water (80ML)
2 Styrofoam cups

Buy 2 of the same flowers, cut them in case they are too big for the cup and make them the same size. Pour 80ML of tap water in 1 cup then 80ML of orange juice in the other. Put 1 cling wrap on both cups, then poke the flowers through the cling wrap. Then make sure both cups are in the same place or the test won't be fair.
Day 1 observations, nothing has happened to the flowers yet.
Day 2 pictures N/A, but flower in orange juice starts to wilt and decay.
Day 3 pictures N/A, flower put in orange juice continuing to wilt and decay. Not long till it dies and orange juice getting moldy.

Day 4 pictures N/A, flower in orange juice simply dead experiment over. Orange juice was also a lot more moldy from day 3.

My hypothesis was wrong because the flower in the orange juice died and the flower in the tap water survived. The conclusion is that you can't keep a flower alive in orange juice but I might try this experiment again and change the orange juice and tap water every day to keep each liquid cleaner. I should also use freshly squeezed orange juice rather than orange juice from a box.
The End
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